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Feel sexier in less than 2 minutes.

Nothing gives you that oh so sexy afterglow like a hot + sweaty workout. That, and hot + sweaty sex.

So, what’s a girl to do on a solo time crunch?

Get your O-Glow in 90 seconds with our favorite shower workout below. Blast your feel-good song and set your phone on your counter using the iPhone clock app (or your favorite workout timer) for THREE :30 second intervals.

Ready, set, glow…


:30 sec - Stepping into the shower, place your hands on your hips and move your torso right, forward, left and back. You should feel your abs engaged and the movement coming from your rib cage (hips stay still, Shakira.) Repeat in one direction for :15 seconds, and the other for the last half. Oh hey, obliques.

:30 sec – With your heels together + toes apart, take a hint from the ballerinas and bend your knees into a plie’ squat – hands on hips or out in front of you. Extra credit? After you squat your booty LOW, rise up on the balls of your feet in what the French call “releve” for a tight core + lean legs. Repeat til’ you hear the bell.

ROUND 3:  
:30 sec – After you’ve wrapped up shampoo, body wash, and the works – melt conditioner through your hair and stand with your feet under your shoulders with your weight in your heels. Reach your hands out in front of you, tuck your belly button in and squat your booty down to the ground – if your ass isn’t on FIRE lift your toes up and sit a little deeper. VERY slowly, come back up to stand. Rinse + repeat. 


Have better (shower) sex, with WOO.

You’re a KNOCKOUT. xo

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