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Filthy tales, honest posts, erotic photos, dirty fantasies, and a lot of sex. We understand life is not just about love and sex, but love and sex make life A LOT more fun.

We found a naughty blog for every mood. Follow along if you want to satisfy that sexy imagination of yours.

When you want to embrace your sexuality…

Sex with Emily covers everything from sex dreams and period sex to dildos, vibrators, and talking dirty. Life is too short for bad sex, says. Emily wants all her readers to become more comfortable with themselves and their sexual wellness. 

Emily recommends using WOO Coconut love oil if you’re looking for an all-natural lube.  



When you crave a deep connection…

My Tiny Secrets for grown ass people is all about intimacy, your sexual energy and the act of connection with someone so deeply. The author of this blog described herself as a life-scientist. Her posts contain erotic pictures and saucy content.

Less stress, more sex #moreplay



When you want something dirty…

Molly’s daily kiss is full of creative erotic stories and photography. Warning: this blog has nudity and/or frank portrayals and discussions of sex (including images). If you like getting freaky and having nasty sex, you’ll enjoy this one.



When you desire monogamy…

Girl on the net shares her insight on why she dates monogamously. She tells some real-life stories about sex, role playing, blow jobs, etc. If you’re into dirty fantasies and fun rants about gender and sex, then this sex blog is for you.



When you seek naughty shenanigans…

Cosmopolitan’s Bedroom Blog is an erotic serial, fictional blog that pushes the sexual boundaries. It’s the story of Chloe Madison, a 22-year-old New Yorker who is trying to spice up her dating life. 

Hooking up with a doctor, hot shower sex, one-night stands, love triangles... She covers it all" 

"He trailed his palm up my calves, up the back of my thighs, then way higher, slipping his fingers beneath my shorts, brushing the sensitive skin of my inner thighs, and all the way up to the juncture where my thighs met ... other things."



When you wish to take control of your sexuality… 

Slutty Girl Problems is about reclaiming the derogatory word “slut” and using it to define someone as: empowered in her sexuality. There are all sorts of sex tips including foreplay, oral sex, BDSM, sexting, kinks, etc.

Add in your WOO Coconut Love Oil for some extra fun. Don’t be afraid to use that tongue of yours, our lube is sweeter between your lips.



When you’re looking for new pleasure tools…

Dangerous Lilly offers detailed reviews of sex toys. She provides tips on sex toy and fights against toxic toys. She has reviewed almost every toy you can think of, so before you click that buy button, go read her reviews!

Some people shy away from using toys in the bedroom – that’s no fun. The more the merrier! Whatever helps keep you wet and him hard. WOO coconut love oil aims to please in all areas. Don’t be shy with it.

 Now go drink some water, eat well, and have nasty sex.

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