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Our idea of a PG quickie.

Let's set the scene: It’s Friday night and you’re laying in bed, smothered in Kardashian blankets and watching SATC reruns with a cup of turmeric tea that looks a hell of a lot like wine - or maybe it is wine, we don’t remember.

Then, HE CALLS. Spontaneous change of plans. Out of work early, and wants to meet you for spicy margs + taquitos at Empellon - sounds delish, but he’s on his way there now, which means you’re already late.

DON’T SWEAT IT. Follow these steps to make 10 minutes look like two hours.

  1. ICE OUT

If you don’t have time for a quick body shower (you really don’t) the next best thing is dipping your face under the sink and splashing ice cold water on your face. And we mean ICE cold. Not only does chilly water make you feel awake, fresh + clean, but it also calms redness, shrinks blood vessels and tightens pores in for a post-spa kind of glow.


Again, a shower would solve all of these problems but you’re already a minute into this quickie routine, with not much time left to spare. Take your favorite all-natural cleansing wipe (we like the Soothing Cucumber brand from Yes To ) and swipe over the obvious places - starting from the neck down, underarms, and of course, down there. We know it’s just dinner, but what if you go home for dessert…?


Brush. Your. Teeth. Perhaps the most time consuming task on this list - a whopping two minutes. But non-negotiable, nonetheless. 


Forget what you don’t know - now is not the time to experiment with your new Glossier cloud paints and make a palette out of your left hand. Simply curl your lashes, swipe on mascara, and bronze like you’re going for a Cleopatra halloween costume.

JK - orange does not look good on ANYONE.

Take another 30 seconds to brush your hair - if you’re lucky, leave it down. If you look like something from the wild, turn your head upside down and tie a top knot, leaving a few pieces out for a tousled, “I just threw this together look.”

Shouldn’t be hard, because you did.


Ideally, you would have picked this outfit the night before, made a mess of your closet and tidied up the tornado already - but since we have 3 minutes to spare, we’re looking no farther than this: sexy 2019 interview outfit. Our go-to: dark wash / black shredded denim, a black/white tank and a men’s cut blazer. Throw on a pair of strappy heels and you’re lookin’ fiiiine.

Car keys, condoms + coconut oil - OUT THE DOOR xo

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