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Dating a human of the opposite sex, same sex, or hey - any sex, is no simple feat. Never was. And to make matters worse, somewhere in a far away, post millennium land (some people call this Silicon Valley) love-seeking, tech geniuses created apps for our phones where we can meet said sexy people. Maybe to go steady, maybe to f*ck, or maybe just to leave our wallets in Williamsburg, only to find that we have to cross a whole bridge to get home.



One of our favorite ways to swipe-right. The app, started by total #girlboss Whitney Wolfe Herd, is all about forming relationships with a women-first approach. If you’re into it, swipe right. If not, swipe left. The catch? Girls chat first. Note: not for the attention seeking (literally impossible to get hit on first) and 100% for the femme fatale. Confidence is key. So is a funny bio.


Arguably a “better” dating and relationships app, in the sense that it is reliable, the candidates are much more serious about finding someone they vibe with, and wildly entertaining regardless of its success. You choose your images, you check yes or no, but most importantly - you answer questions. AND, you pick the questions you answer. There’s a lot to say about the guy who picked the question, “My mom would say I am a (fill in the blank)” and then another about the guy who filled in “her shining star from the heavens.”

Pairs well with popcorn. Get ready to screenshot the Veterinarian in a pool with bikini clad “cousins” and circulate content through your group chat.



The OG of mobile phone dating. The app that made a million memes go ‘round the world, and honestly, may even be a real word on by now. Definitely the vainest of them all - Tinder gives you a pic, an age and a location. You can’t really tell the lifestyle of a person - but that’s OK. The point of it is sex, and sometimes you get it and sometimes you don’t. If you choose Tinder as your digital fate, remember that attraction is not skin deep, babe.

Coffee Meets Bagel

If it were up to us, we would probably call it Coffee Meets Donut. But ANYWAYS - this app is the brainchild of three San Francisco sisters on a quest for REAL love - not the typical one-night-stand kind that’s so common amongst millennials. The low-down: girls = coffee, guys = bagels. Coffee AND Bagels are only given a certain # of matches a day - end goal is a date IRL, when you both swipe “like.”


Deemed the “Illuminati Tinder” by the New York Times - this dating app is the holy grail of all online love pursuits. An exclusive app with over 100,000 people on its waiting list, Raya was originally launched to link up creatives to find love and/or  make it. Once you apply, there is an 8 % acceptance rate. If you’re thinking, wow - that seems harder than Harvard, you’re right. Coveted by models, celebrities and creative geniuses on both coasts - members agree they’ve gone on some classy dates, and that generally people are “a little better behaved”.

Goes to show, you can’t put a price on please & thank you.

Now that you’re armed with the latest and greatest knowledge of dating on the micro-web - tell us… what do you think of these apps and online relationships?! Woo us in the comments section xx

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