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Because who doesn't love a shiny new toy?

You love sex (almost) as much as we do. You’ve been doing it for years, all types of ways. From spicing it up with new positions (if you haven’t yet, try this from the OG Kama Sutra handbook) to taking the sexcapades on location - buh-bye backseat, hello golf course? - you’ve found ways to keep it fresh + frisky.

Tis’ the season to shake things up again - this time, with toys. Straight up, sex toys can seem intimidating. If you’re new to plastic in the bedroom, don’t worry - you’re not the only one! The latest health trends show that a BIG reason why sex toys seem so scary to buy and something gals only use in the movies, are because the industry is dominated by men. (Guys... we love ya, but sometimes you just don’t get it.)



BTS at WOO, we are a bunch of cheerleaders (guys + girls) working hard to make your good sex, better sex.  ...the sex toy people, not so much. BUT now, there is a revival!

Check out the below for the best toys for beginners. P.S. toys go perfectly with the best lube for beginners, too ;)


1. THE MILLIONAIRE by SmileMakers

The hero of sex toys - the bullet. This guy can be used internally + externally for all kinds of play. We’re obsessing over this brand - their message is just on point, and we have to agree it’s about time that adult toys don’t look like something from a porno, but perhaps something you would find waiting on a long line at Sephora. Ya feel?


A.K.A the classiest vibrator we’ve ever seen. Available in silver, gold AND rose gold, there’s a sparkle for every orgasm - and outfit. The Vesper hangs around your neck in a subtle, tres-chic way. The only ones who will know are the gals who get it. Too proper for public? That’s ok - nothing better than being naked in bed with a pretty necklace on… you’ll thank us later, and so will he.


Not all sex toys are silicone. Perhaps the most simple of adult play, the classic ribbon - perfect for blindfolding your partner while you get to work (or the other way around). Pro tip: Don’t splurge on this one. A scarf or a lacey v-string will do just fine.


Maybe you’ve seen Fifty Shades Darker, or maybe you’ve read in a magazine somewhere that women everywhere have been into a different kind of balls: Ben Wa. You can find them in silicone, plastic and glass - whatever feels right for you. Experiment with different shapes and sizes - every body is different, and the right pair can swap in for your daily kegel exercise - because we’re all doing that… right? Ben Wa strengthen your pelvic muscles, and make for super hot sex (especially if your partner knows that they were in you beforehand.) Our advice? Go for a pair of glass balls with a string, and don’t lose your marbles.


Another incognito sex toy for new babes in the aisle - sexy bracelets that double as handcuffs. Wear with a slinky dress to dinner, and when you get home, add the delicate chain that loops them together. Lose the get up and add this to your naughty list this year.


If you don’t know what it is, you will with this toy. The G-Spot Stimulator comes with rave reviews, and syncs with an app. YES, like an app on your phone where you get to control the speed + vibrations for all the ahhh feels. Oh, and did we mention it’s on Amazon Prime? Use with an all-natural lube and feel the G-olden glow. Next day shipping = no excuses.

When it comes to toys, remember the point of playtime: HAVE FUN. What’s your favorite toy? Have questions about any new ones you’ve seen? Comment below xo


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