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Sort of like cheating.

But not really.

WTF is micro-cheating, anyway? Basically: doing things that if your significant other knew about, you’d start sweating. And deleting all your apps.

Read on for the most common offensives of micro-cheating below. Is it happening to you? Or worse...are you doing it?


Even if you’re not actually locking lips and dropping skivvies, changing someone’s name in your phone is not a good sign in any relationship. If you wouldn’t want your BF/GF to see that you are texting this person, ask yourself : why not? Hiding communication is unnecessary + stressful. Stress = not sexy. If you want to talk to that person, maybe the next chat you should have is with the guy in your bed.




Many gals understand a certain degree of social media praise - for example: Gigi Hadid posts a hot pic. Of course, your boyfriend liked it. But also, so did you. Celebs are celebs. We will be rolling in our grave before the day that the BF gets a chance with a Hadid - and if we're wrong, then we can relish in that we dated the guy who dates Gigi Hadid. Problem solved.


Back in the day *like, 2017* you could see your boyfriend’s top 5 best friends on platform (not that we were looking, or anything…) Since then, this feature has been removed. Alas, we have had to retreat to actually *trusting* our partner to keep his snap out of his pants - and since that day, we have had peace of mind. And pretty filters.




Ok, so he “liked” his coworker’s Instagram pic, who just happens to be single and a SoulCycle instructor with huge tits on the Upper West Side - so what? Everyone has friends - it would be weirder if your S/O didn’t know any girls at work - wouldn’t it? Fast forward a few hours. Like. Like. Like. Maybe even a reply to an Instagram Story of her and her dog cuddling on the couch watching Bachelorette. Is this “so what?” Or “so shady?” You decide.


Still, there’s nothing like the thrill of pouring yourself a cup of coffee in a mediocre corner at work, hoping that your cubicle crush needs a cup at the same time. Of course, you would have worn mascara anyway, but we both know the lipstick (and the lace underthings) are extra. What’s the harm in a little work-on-work flirtation?

Where do you stand on micro-cheating? Myth, or IRL relationship ruiner? Comments section is all yours xo

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