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Women the world ’round have long yearned to know how to seduce men with body language.  If you’re like them, you want one man in particular to know that you lust after him…but maybe don’t have the courage to say so out loud. 

So you let your body do the talking.

Understanding the Value of Nonverbal Communication

You have no problem flirting with the object of your affections, but when it comes to saying, “hey, I find you incredibly hot. Would you like to hop in the sack?” well, frankly the idea petrifies you.

Body language, it turns out, makes up the bulk of how we communicate. While it’s debated among experts, many believe this is the breakdown of how we communicate:

  • Body language: 55%
  • Tone of voice: 38%
  • Words spoken: 7%

So if you can’t find the words to tell a man you want him, you should learn how to seduce men with body language!

So…What is Body Language?

Maybe you’re not familiar with how you can use your body to tell a man something, so let’s cover that here.

Obviously, body language involves your body communicating through signals. You can communicate that you’re secure/insecure, attracted/repulsed, happy/annoyed all with how you position your body. It’s often easier to think out what you plan to say through words than it is body language because most of the time we don’t even realize we are saying something with how our arms are placed, for example.

Think about it. The last time you were around someone you didn’t like, did you cross your arms? Maybe tap your foot impatiently? Whether you realized it or not, you were communicating that you didn’t want to be there talking to her.

Now think about how you are around the man you’re interested in. Maybe you lean in when he talks or even mirror his actions. Your body knows you’re totally into him, and it wants a chance to speak up!

The key to learning how to seduce men with body language is being able to control and leverage certain positions to communicate your intent.