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Shh! Just between you and me ;)

It’s date night - set the scene for us.

Whatever your date night looks like - its 6 p.m.

What do you do, you’re home, how do you set the tone?



“I am dating - I think it really depends on who I’m going out with, and how I’m feeling, you know I really listen to my body, and what it tells me.

“Where am I going? Maybe I’m going to dinner, maybe I’m getting dressed up,

You know and really make an effortWhen I was younger and I was getting dressed for dates, it was getting dressed for dates as if I was, and this was all subconscious - it was almost as if I was not enough. I was like ok I have to look good! I have to have the perfect outfit! Makeup! Hair!

Now I get dressed up and it’s coming from a place of being a goddess and adorning myself. So i put on the jewelry, put on makeup if I want to, put on a dress and put on heels because it feels good. Its a totally different vibration”

“I want to put on the bracelets I want to put on the necklace because I’m adorning myself, like a Queen”

“Once I really understood and took a step back.. It’s totally different to be embodied, and feel beautoful in your skin, and everything else is just decoration. You don’t need it, but sure if you want it, great.”

Sam: The word sexy means a lot of things. Alot of times you know,  people say right away “sex sells!” and you see the Marilyns and the Liz Taylors of the world and then there became the Audrey Hepburn sand you know everyone kind of in Hollywood created these different vibes that somehow, someone, somwhere, sat down and was like “that’s sexy”

In terms of the word “sexy” what does sexy mean to you? What does sexy feel like to you?


To me, sexy is someone that’s confident in their own skin, Now, with that being said, we all have our insecurities. I’m not sitting here saying I don’t have any insecurities - it’s saying I’m still me, and that’s what’s sexy

Sexiness is confidence. Sexiness is that feminine heart energy. And feminine energy is not wearing dresses - feminine energy is heart, expansiveness”

In my 20’s I really was not comfortable at all in my skin.

There’s always going to be something. It’s saying okay, can I sit with this. Can I be okay with this. Can I breathe into this.

It’s really us. We set the vibration. At the end of the day, the universe responds to our vibration.

I’m still wonderful, you’re still wonderful, let’s just meet other people.

What makes Danielle Paige feel sexy?

“I’m still learning. If I’m being totally candid - I’m still learning to be sexy in my body. I’m still learning to be totally okay with seeing things that I percieve as not great, I’m learning thatbut what makes me sexy, again, is that emobdiment. Sexiness. You know, I’m short, and it hasn;t bothered me my whole life but I’m just recently

This is really weird -

“My energy is MASSIVE! And most men are intimidated by it and it hits them like a truck”

“ We always think the grass is greener"

“The quickest way to deepen any practice is to sit with yourself and really listen and understand. I know everyone just says “meditate meditate meditate” . I think meditate, but not in the sense of I want you to meditate and see what information comes through.. Meditate and sit with yourself so you really get to know your body, because the energy body is so sensitive and it’s so subtle. So you have to really understand.”

“Now I’m getting to a point when I’m feeling something where I can quickly tap in and ask is this mine? Is it not mine?”

The key to a healthy and happy relationship

“I really believe it comes down to loving yourself. If you don’t love yourself you’ll never receive the love from other people.”