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Better sex
starts with WOO.

WOO is

organic love oil.
(We're being polite. It's sex lube.)

But its not

just any

love oil.

Follow along, and let
us show you why WOO.

WOO... Even better sex.
Imagine that.


Sold out






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All Natural and Organic
3.3 oz | 100 ml



He'll find it with WOO.

New lube,
new me.

“Our sex life was immediately enhanced, adding WOO to the bedroom adds more intimacy, it's better sex and it's obviously more fun.”

The Skinny Confidential: Lauryn Evarts

“We love it for SO many reasons, but our favorite thing is that it empowers women to bring a sexual health product into the bedroom (without making the bedroom any less fun)”

Balanced Blonde: Jordan Younger

“The packaging is so f*****g cute, it's the perfect thing to get your boyfriend, your husband, like bring it to a bachelorette party.”

Bitch Bible: Jackie Schimmel

“You should use WOO cause all those other lubricants have chemicals and cause infections and do all kinds of bad stuff.”

Jillian Michaels

“It really is the most luxurious product and the best thing about it, is it comes in this very discrete package when you order it.”

Lady Gang

“I felt like I was branching out without having to be skanky and gross. I felt like I was doing a good thing for my body, which is why I probably had better sex.”

Becca Tobin

“I have to be honest it tastes amazing, kinda like a really natural vanilla icing and the packaging is so cute and discrete, I just love this brand.”

Almost 30 Podcast

“This is like Whole Foods for your vagina, it’s totally natural and the packaging is our favorite part, it’s super discrete and pretty.”

Girls Gotta Eat Podcast

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