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The Threesome

The Threesome

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The Bed Breaker

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The Penthouse Suite

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Love Oil

Why does my Coconut Love Oil get hard when it’s cold?

Our main priority when creating Coconut Love Oil was to make sure that we were creating a product with the most natural and organic ingredients possible. Due to the natural properties of organic coconut oil, WOO can harden or get grittier in colder temps.

In colder locations, we recommend storing your WOO in your shower/next to your heater/or any other warm location in the house. The shower is our favorite spot because your daily shower and steam cycle helps keep the desired consistency. This lets you get the prep work out of the way, so when it’s time to get into the sheets, your WOO is just as ready as you are. Squeeze it into your palm, massage it around for a bit and then start to play with yourself (or your partner).

If these tricks do not work, please email and we will help rectify any further issues.

Is Coconut Love Oil compatible with condoms?

The all natural coconut oil in our Love Oil can break down latex - so although you should not use it with latex condoms, other options such as polyurethane and nitrile condoms are better suited when you get WOOed. Or like our coconuts, you can go raw ;)

Does WOO use natural ingredients?

Our Coconut Love Oil is made with all natural, organic ingredients so you can have a smooth (and safe) ride ;)

Are your products cruelty-free?

Absolutely! We’re all for rough play, but we would never test on animals – excluding those who are animals in bed

Is Love Oil edible?

Yes! Love Oil was consciously created with vanilla essence and a touch of stevia so it (and you) will taste amazing.

Is WOO safe to use while I’m trying to conceive?

Our Coconut Love Oil is FREE from nasty chemicals, parabens, sulfates & spermicides - so you are safe to WOO while working on a baby. Remember to always consult your doctor before adding any new products into your routine :)

How do I store WOO?

WOO is served best in a hot spot, where the temperatures are above 69 degrees. Due to the natural properties in virgin coconut oil, your WOO can harden in colder temps. If you’re having trouble, simply massage in hands before play.


How fresh do Freshies stay on the shelf?

Freshies are in it for the long-haul, with a 2 year shelf life unopened + all wrapped up. If your wrapper is torn or tampered with, do not use the wipe - just shoot us an email at and we’ll send you a box that puts the “fresh” back in Freshies. Once you open the wrapper, we suggest using your wipe right away so the Freshie stays wet - and you, dry.

Where do Freshies go when they’re done?

As much as we hate to see them go, after one use, toss your Freshie in the trash. Always biodegradable, never flushable.

Are Freshies made for both gals & gents?

Freshies are made for all sexes, always - and after all positions, too..

Are Freshie towelettes re-usable?

We like to think of Freshies like a one night stand - good once, and then gone. Don’t worry, there’s more where that came from, with 10 packets in each box.

I’m nervous about getting a UTI… wil Freshies cause any irritation?

Unlike some other feminine wipe brands that you can probably smell through the screen… Freshies are made with natural and nourishing ingredients like coconut water and aloe vera, so there’s no drama in-between sex sessions. Of course, every body is different, but we’ll bet yours will love the fresh feel of WOO.

WOO Vibez

Can I use WOO Vibez with Coconut Love Oil?

Absolutely! Our premium clitoral vibrator is composed of totally body-safe, silicone materials. So Love Oil is very, very compatible ;)

Can WOO Vibez be used as a penetrative toy?

We designed ‘i cum first’ with her clit in mind - so although you can use it inside, it feels way better alfresco (check out our product page for best practices)

Is Vibez just for solo play, or can I use with my partner, too?

We’re always down for party sex… but it’s totally up to you! Vibez is the perfect self-love companion and can travel with you wherever you go. Or, invite Vibez into the bedroom with you & your S/O for a threesome they’ll never forget.

What do I do with Vibez after-play?

We’re so glad you asked :) What makes Vibez unique is its chic travel case for both on-the-go vibing, and storing your toy when you’re done getting hot & heavy. Simply unwrap a Freshie towelette, wipe your Vibez, and store in case. No one will ever know how much fun you had.

How do I charge my Vibez?

The name of the game is chic, & discreet, so we created a USB rechargeable vibrator with an undetectable charging zone located on the back of the toy. Simply apply pressure with the charging cable on the silicone shape, and insert! Watch this quick video here to see how it’s done ;)

How do I turn my Vibez on/off?

To turn Vibez on, simply hold the power button for three seconds. Continue to press the power button for one second to switch functions (there are 5 speeds!) and find your perfect vibe ;) When you’re done playing, hold power button for 3 seconds and it’s off!


What are the ingredients?

The ingredients in our candle are au naturale, just like you when you use it: Coconut Oil/Wax, Soybean Oil/Wax, Apricot Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Natural Santal Fragrance.

What is the difference between a massage candle and a regular candle?

This ain’t your mum’s Bed, Bath & Beyond candle. Our candle is specifically formulated to melt at a low temperature so it’s safe to pour on body parts. It’s less “ow, that’s hot and burning”, more “omg, that’s hot and sexy”.

What does it feel like?

It melts into a nice warm and light oil, perfect for massaging. Bumping, grinding, and riding, too.

How does it work?

Light the wick then wait for the wax to soften and melt down. Best to test a small patch of skin first, making sure it doesn’t irritate or burn. Pour directly onto their body or your hands, using as much or as little as you want, massaging as you go. Avoid handling fragile or heavy objects whilst hands are covered in oil, unless that heavy object begins with a D or B.

Do I have to use it for sex?

Nah, babe. You can use it as an indulgent massage oil with your partner or yourself. Or just a delicious candle to lift your room and mood. Your body; your call.

What’s the worst thing that can happen?

You use it all at once and have none left for seconds. To avoid this, we recommend buying several; when it comes to sex, you can never be too safe.


Do you offer samples of your products?

We don’t typically kiss & tell.. but there will soon be an option to add a Quickie or Freshie packet to your order at checkout. Stay tuned, babes ;)

How can I check the status of my order?

Simply can’t wait for Woo to be on you? To check the status of your order, just check the tracking information provided in your confirmation email.

There is an issue with my order/product. Who do I contact to fix this?

Is your WOO not quite right? Send us a note at and we’ll get on the case ASAP.

What is your refund & return policy?

So, WOO’s just not for you? Simply reach out to with your order# in the subject line of your request, and our team will process a full refund to the card you purchased with.


Is your shipping box discreet?

Don’t stress about your nosy neighbor, Karen. She won’t know what you’ve got coming (unless she hears, of course.) All packages are sent in discreet packaging, so your secret’s safe with us ;)

How soon after I place my order will my WOO be shipped?

Please allow 1-2 days to process all orders, in addition to the shipping time indicated at checkout. This includes expedited shipping options, which still require an additional 1-2 day processing window.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and now, After Pay. Whichever way works best for you to WOO, we’re down.

Can I send WOO to a friend?

Of course!There’s plenty of WOO to go around. Simply enter your BFFs info at checkout :)

Where does WOO ship to?

Get ready to WOO wherever you are in the world. We currently ship globally, with additional shipping charges based on location indicated at checkout.

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Press & Partnerhips

Hey, I’m Media. Who do I get in touch with on your PR team?

For any PR inquiries and event sponsorship requests, please reach out to for all the dirty details.

Hi, I’m an influencer and a huge fan of the brand. How can we work together?

Hey boo! We’re always looking to partner with authentic individuals looking to break the taboo around sex on social :) Please reach out to with your media kit attached, and we will notify you of current or upcoming campaigns!


I want to work for WOO! What’s the next step?

We’re so glad you asked! Our team is always looking to grow with knowledge and expertise in a variety of roles. If you have a passion for what you do and aren’t afraid of pillowtalk, send your resume to and we will keep you updated if there is a great opportunity for you!

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The Threesome

The Threesome

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The Bed Breaker

The Bed Breaker

Regular price $124 $105 Sale

The Penthouse Suite

The Penthouse Suite

Regular price $150 $120 Sale